Strategic Plan 2023-2026

From February through April 2023, the city of McMinnville engaged in a strategic planning process facilitated by Cory Poris-Plasch, President of CP2 Consulting, Inc.  The process generated a strategic plan covering 2023-2026.
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The plan consists of six (6) strategic goals, identified as the issues of greatest importance to McMinnville over the next three (3) years.  With each goal is an associated outcome, key outcome indicators (measuring progress towards outcomes), and performance targets.  These were determined through a facilitated process including the elected board and staff, and incorporated stakeholder feedback that included a Community Survey, an internal stakeholder Strategic Planning Survey, and six (6) focus groups.

As part of the strategic planning process, our existing vision, mission, and values were evaluated, and as a result, we chose to create a new vision statement and update our mission and values.

A cross-functional team of staff helped to further develop the strategic plan by identifying initiatives to achieve strategic goals.  This team will continue to work to develop and implement project plans for each initiative and create a communication plan to ensure that all of the City of McMinnville staff understand the overall goals, as well as be able to meaningfully incorporate action steps to achieve those goals into their overall responsibilities.

Organizational culture is a key component in meeting strategic goals, and as a result of this process, McMinnville will be able to employ and promote strategies to create a Learning Culture where growth, curiosity, and authenticity prevail.