Welcome to the City of McMinnville Community Development Department.

The Community Development Department is a multifaceted department encompassing planning and zoning services and codes, building permits and inspections, yard sale permits, sign permits, floodplain management, Americans Disability Act (ADA) related items, and code enforcement activities, relative to the physical and economical development of the city. 

Planning refers to the long term planning of the city and how it is built. 
Zoning  is the make up of districts or areas and uses  related to the planning efforts.
Regulations regulate the division of land within the city. 

Building Permits and Inspections: 
Processing and issuance of a variety of building permits to ensure that reasonably safe and useable buildings are constructed, with a focus on the intent and purpose, and enforcement in a productive, reasonable, informative, cohesive, efficient and effective manner. 

Other permits: 
The department issues other permits such as yard sales (limit of one every six (6) months) and sign permits. 

Floodplain Management:
Ensuring through adopted standards and regulations that buildings located within in a floodplain are built to withstand floods and limit damage to structures and buildings, and that it is not altered to increase or change the flood pattern. 

Creation, maintenance, and implementation of an ADA coordination plan to address, increase, and maintain accessibility to city facilities, areas of town and businesses.

Code Enforcement: 
Ensuring that buildings, structures, and properties are kept and maintained to reasonable, equitable, and safety oriented standards and regulations to promote and maintain the general health, safety, and welfare of the city and safe occupancy of buildings.  Enforcement is done in a fair, consistent, and equitable manner.  

Purpose: To provide service to the residents, visitors, and stakeholders of McMinnville through education, forward thinking, open, honest, and effective communication, and permitting in a responsive, resourceful, and result oriented manner, and equitable enforcement of regulations to protect the general welfare, health, safety, and livability of the community.

Our Vision:  To foster a vibrant, prosperous, and growing McMinnville through extraordinary community development efforts, that honors the history of McMinnville, while allowing for sustainable growth and prosperous future. 

Our Values: 

Consistency, in all we do
pportunity to assist, improve, and grow
Motivated to provide service, promote safety and health, and develop relationships
ission minded
nderstanding, listening to understand and solve issues, not just replying 
eeds, meeting the needs of the community
nnovation, stiving to always learn so we can meet challenges with creative solutions 
eamwork, finding ways to work together within our city and extended community
ielding, to be flexible and reach compromise

City of McMinnville
Community Development Department
101 East Main St/P.O. Box 7088
McMinnville, TN 37111