Weekly Wrap-Up 1/25/24


  • This Week
    • Committee and Board of Mayor and Aldermen meetings were held on Tuesday, 1/23/24.
    • New website training was held on Monday 1/22/24.
    • Staff meeting held on Wednesday, 1/24/24.
    • Worked on new website transition.
  • Next Week
    • New website training will be held on Monday 1/29/24.
    • Will keep working on the website upgrade. 

Strategic Plan Progress 

  • Click HERE to see progress towards our 2023-2026 strategic plan goals.

Employment Opportunities 

  • Click HERE for a list of current job openings.


  • You can now pay your taxes online or by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Simply go to our website and click ‘Lookup or pay property taxes,’ go to bit.ly/mcmtaxesonline, or call us at 931-473-1200 anytime.
  • Click HERE for general budget information.
  • Click HERE to see Balancing Act and an interactive version of our current budget (23/24).
  • Click HERE to see your estimated taxpayer receipt.

Public Works 

  • This Week
    • We salted and plowed roads within the city. 
    • Due to the weather, the landfill in Rhea County was closed most of last week, so we had trouble picking up garbage with nowhere to take it. Sorry for the inconvenience. We have worked this week on getting caught back up on the residential garbage pickup. 
    • Worked on cleaning the vehicles cleaned up from the salt.
    • Worked on the first floor of City Hall.  
  • Next Week
    • We will continue working on getting caught back up on the residential garbage pickup. 
    • We will continue working at City Hall. 


  • This Week
    • With the snow melting and the rain showers here and in the continued forecast, please remain aware of road conditions. Please allow extra travel time to your destinations to keep everyone safe, including you. 
  • Next Week
    • Department personnel will attend various training sessions and events in the coming week.


  • This Week
    • Delivered Meals on Wheels.
    • Everyone finished their classes.
    • Signed off on a certificate of use and occupancy.
    • Began training with the new Brightly permitting software with Community Development.
    • Deputy Chief White is working on the new AFG grant.
    • Congratulations to Clint Walker for winning the Biggest Loser city-wide and at the Fire Dept for the Wellness program!
  • Next Week
    • Deliver Meals on Wheels.
    • Meeting with a couple of radio vendors about updating our radios.
    • Continue training on Brightly software.
    • Continue working on the AFG grant.  
Parks & Recreation 

  • This Week
    • Continuing to work on Parks and Recreation splash page design.
    • McMinnville Youth Basketball League games on Saturday, 1/27.
    • McMinnville Winter Tennis League matches on Saturday, 1/27.
    • Met to discuss locations for more wayfinding signage.
    • Met to discuss the Wi-Fi project at the parks.
    • HVAC Training on new cooling tower Friday, 1/26.
  • Next Week
    • Meeting with Park Theater to discuss upcoming shows on Tuesday, 1/30.
    • McMinnville Youth Basketball League games on Saturday, 2/3.
    • McMinnville Winter Tennis League matches on Saturday, 2/3.
Park Theater 

  • This Week
    • Tennessee Songwriters Week - Live Qualifying Round, Fri. Feb. 2, 7:00 - 9:00 pm.
  • Upcoming
    • Lorrie Morgan, Fri. Feb. 9, 7:30 - 9:30 pm.
    • William Lee Golden and the Goldens on Fri. Feb 16 at 7:30 pm.
  • Click HERE for more information and tickets.

Community Development 

  • This Week
    • Met with developers on potential development within the city.
    • Attended training for our new permitting software Brightly.
    • Completed several inspections.
  • Next Week
    • Historic Zoning, Board of Zoning Appeals, and Planning Commission Meetings to be held.
    • Continue to make minor changes to the permitting software.
    • Attend a special-called Main Street McMinnville meeting to discuss their recent grant award.
Water & Wastewater 

  • This Week
    • Read meters on 1/22/2024 and 1/23/2024.
    • Checked for leaks throughout the system.
    • Multiple service calls and problem calls due to frozen/busted water lines on the customer.
    • Turned off a 6-inch busted fire line.
    • Turned off a 4-inch busted fire line.
    • Repaired a 2-inch water line on Oak Hill Dr.
    • Repaired a 6-inch water line on Moss Drive.
    • TV sewer service on Poplar Street.
    • Replaced a galvanized service on Ross Ave.
    • Cutoffs for non-pay 1/24/2024.
    • Repaired a valve box on Sunset and Park Ave.
    • Repaired a 6-inch water line on West End Ave.
    • Cleaned trucks/tools at the shop.
    • Vacuumed grit from manholes on North Hills Drive.
    • Repaired a ¾ water service where the saddle had slipped.
    • Training for smartgov software.
    • Washed Basin # 2 @ the Water plant.
  • Next Week
    • Hopefully, weather conditions improve so the roofing project can get started @ 202 Bell Street.