Weekly Wrap-Up 2/1/2024


  • This Week
    • A Special Called meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen was held on Tuesday, 1/30/24.
    • New website training was held on Monday, 1/29/24.
    • I (Nolan Ming) worked on preparing the bid packages for several surplus properties that will be posted for sale in the coming days. 
    • I met with Public Works and the Water Department to discuss the coordination of upcoming paving with upcoming water projects. 
    • I worked on the new website transition.
  • Next Week
    • Will continue working on the website upgrade. 
    • Will continue working on preparing the bid packages for several surplus properties that will be posted for sale in the coming days. 

Strategic Plan Progress 

  • Click HERE to see progress towards our 2023-2026 strategic plan goals.

Employment Opportunities 

  • Click HERE for a list of current job openings.


  • You can now pay your taxes online or by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Simply go to our website and click ‘Lookup or pay property taxes,’ go to bit.ly/mcmtaxesonline, or call us at 931-473-1200 anytime.
  • Click HERE for general budget information.
  • Click HERE to see Balancing Act and an interactive version of our current budget (23/24).
  • Click HERE to see your estimated taxpayer receipt.

Public Works 

  • This Week
    • We’ve continued working on the first floor of City Hall. 
    • Everything is back to normal on the garbage, brush, and junk pickup. Thank you for your patience.  
    • We have been patching potholes due to the weather we’ve been having. 
    • If you need to report a pothole on city streets you can go to the website, go to SeeClickFix, or call (931) 473-2553. 
  • Next Week
    • We'll continue working at City Hall. 
    • We’ll continue to patch the potholes that’ll pop up. 
    • We’ll start taking down Christmas lights. 
    • If the weather cooperates we’ll start patching different water cuts around town. 


  • This Week
    • Potholes have been an issue due to the recent winter weather. Please be aware of these conditions and take your time when traveling on the roadways.
    • Technology purchases made with grant funding resources continue to be processed. 
    • Detective Katelyn Cannon attended training in Mt. Juliet this week.
    • Additional personnel attended various trainings and participated in professional development opportunities. 
  • Next Week
    • Department personnel, including Chief Mosley, will attend the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police meeting in Franklin, TN.


  • This Week
    • Delivered Meals on Wheels.
    • Met with a couple of radio vendors to discuss updating our radios.
    • Worked on the AFG grant application.
    • Completed some fire inspections.
    • This Saturday the Fire Department is going to play Basketball with the McMinnville Special Games kids at the old North Side School at 10 am.
  • Next Week
    • Deliver Meals on Wheels.
    • Continue working on the AFG grant.  
    • Start to review our budget.
Parks & Recreation 

  • This Week
    • Continued work on the splash page for Parks and Recreation.
    • Met on Healthy Built Environment Grant and timeline.
    • Meeting via Zoom with Rec Trac on new software for the facility.
    • McMinnville Youth Basketball League games Saturday, 2/3.
    • McMinnville Winter Tennis League matches Saturday, 2/3.
  • Next Week
    • Warren County Chamber Quarterly luncheon Wednesday, 2/7 in Room 101. 
    • Set up for Father/ Daughter Date night on Thursday, 2/8 and Friday, 2/9.  Event on Saturday, 2/10.
Park Theater 

  • This Week
    • Joe, Ashley, and Justin met on upcoming shows and events.
    • Tennessee Songwriters Week - Live Qualifying Round, Fri. Feb. 2, 7:00 - 9:00 pm.
  • Next Week
    • Lorrie Morgan, Fri. Feb. 9, 7:30 - 9:30 pm.
  • Upcoming
    • William Lee Golden and the Goldens on Friday, 2/16.  The show starts at 7:30pm.
    • Artrageous- Art, Music, Theater, Singing, Dancing on Sunday, 2/25.  The show starts at 2:30pm.
Click HERE for more information and tickets.

Community Development 

  • This Week
    • Met with developers on potential development within the city.
    • Historic Zoning, Board of Zoning Appeals, and Planning Commission Meetings to be held.
    • Completed several inspections.
    • Attended a special-called Main Street McMinnville meeting to discuss their recent grant award.
  • Next Week
    • Continue to make minor changes to the permitting software.
Water & Wastewater 

  • This Week
    • Ran several service calls and locates.
    • The roof replacement @ 202 Bell project started, and all is going well.
    • Worked with the roofing contractor.
    • TV'd the sewer main on Lagoon Dr. to check for inflow and infiltration (I & I).
    • Repaired a sewer main on Caldwell and Mullican.
    • Checked all pump stations throughout the Water and Wastewater System.
    • Sent video of the sewer line on Lagoon St. to the engineer for warranty repair.
    • Repaired a 6-inch water line on Lance St.
    • Unclogged a sewer service on River Dr.
    • Read meters on 2/1/2024.
    • Concrete repair in a drive on Yankee St.
    • Replaced an E-1 pump on Lakeshore Dr.
    • Met with Public works in coordinating street paving and water line/Sewer line work.
  • Next Week
    • Continue working with the contractor on roof replacement @ 202 Bell St.
    • Prepare for the upcoming quarterly sampling at the Water Plant.
    • Fix Vac hose for basin # 2 Trac Vac.
    • Wash the flocculators and flash mix basins at the water plant.
    • Map and plan upcoming water/sewer line work.